Tim Ryan is a strategist combining business understanding with behavioral and cultural insights.

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What I do and why.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Communication's Planning
  • Innovation Consulting


  • Trend Forecasting
  • Qualitative/Quantitative Research
  • Thought-Leadership
  • Event Planning/Marketing
  • Branded Content
  • Public Speaking

I like to think about why companies exist in the world, aligning their mission and vision with the world around them.  

My passion is addressing clients' deep-lying business challenges-  their values, culture, purpose, and processes, before moving into communications and the way they express themselves to the world through content, products, services, and experiences. My question is always whether I'm delivering impact at a time where so much feels immeasurable or superficial. 

For all the business understanding, equally important are the cultural, attitudinal and behavioral insights that help resolve an challenge, uncover an opportunity, or improve the products, services, and journeys companies offer their consumers.

My talent is in making connections- between what was said versus meant, what was in the brief and what is desired. My background exploring cross-industry trends and patterns in business and culture helps me zoom out to the bigger picture and place companies within the larger context. I combine that with a tactical understanding of what goes into a compelling communication's plan that aligns business objectives with audience behaviors and insights. 

Most of all I love a challenge, and working with thoughtful, engaging people who enjoy what they do. My approach is collaborative by nature, and I value diversity in my thinking, and look for it in the people around me. Nothing makes me happier than a clear, simple brief.

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Some Past Clients

Agency Experience


Tim’s background in research and strategy (vs. pure advertising), created a team dynamic where all work was interrogated, examined and re-examined, and ultimately smarter and more bulletproof than before. Not only did he nail the academic approach to the business, but he also brought the perfect amount of creative “push the envelope” philosophy to each project he touched. He legitimately made work not just better, but also more interesting and intriguing.
— Ambika Pai. Head of Strategy. Wolf & Wilhelmine
Tim has a brilliant mind for distilling vast amounts information and building a story to communicate its true purpose. Over my years at PSFK, I had the opportunity to see Tim grow in his career from intern to Director of Research and Strategy in an industry that changes direction every few months. This is a testiment to his awareness and ability to guage where trends, brands and technology are going and where the value lies. Tim is a true asset to any team or company he is involved with.
— Peter Surrena. Head of Product. Digiday
It is rare to have the opportunity to work with a strategist who is also a facilitator and an entrepreneur—but that’s the kind of multifaceted teammate I found in Tim. We had the pleasure of working together on the strategy team at renowned agency gyro, collaborating on brand and communications initiatives spanning the global HP business, and refining and growing the discipline of strategy across the global agency network. I was especially taken with Tim’s ability to enable energetic and productive dialogue amongst diverse teams and interests, internally and with clients. That capacity often takes years and training to develop in advertising professionals, but Tim has a natural sensibility and tendency toward it. And infusing our morning meetings with the vitality reaped from his sunrise surf sessions, Tim was truly an inspiring and motivating addition to the strategy table.
— Gilian Rappaport, Brand Strategist, Workspace of Gilian Rappaport
When working with Timothy I knew that he would go to great lengths to get whatever information was necessary for the research tasks at hand. He has a willingness to learn that cannot be taught, the type that is absolutely critical for any knowledge worker in today’s workplace.
— Kyle Studstill. Digital Strategist

Side Ventures/Projects.

Equally important to my day-to-day work as a strategist has been thinking about the ways I can apply my experience to opportunities and challenges around me. Below are three ongoing ventures/projects I'm invested in.


KIT & Co.

KIT & Co. offers a platform for accessing quality furnishing options. Our solutions bridge the gap between furnishing that is expensive and out of reach, or cheap and disposable. My responsibilities as co-founder center on brand and marketing. 


BKB Foundation

My work as a mentor to inner-city children of High School age over the last 3+ years has led to a role on the foundation's board assisting in everything from event-planning and execution to marketing and fundraising strategy for the Brooklyn Boulders Foundation. 


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